At Kobho Labs, we understand that you deserve to be advised in knowing which nutritional supplements to take according to your needs, taking into account the variations in your diet. To this end, we have created a test along with our medical team formed by Dr. Vicente Mera and Dr. Álvaro Campillo, with which we will get an overview of your needs. It is a simple and quick test designed for you.



Your experience with Kobho does not end when you make your purchase. Depending on the characteristics of the supplement you take, we will contact you at varied intervals to know how you feel, how you have improved since you have been taking supplements, and what you need from us. You deserve personalized attention and we will give it to you.


We want to make a difference and we want to do it by accompanying you throughout your life with all the changes that this may imply. Our intention is that you have all the information you need in an honest and transparent way, so that you can choose what to eat and what supplements to take according to your goals. We want you to be part of the Kobho Labs universe.


After 6 months of your first purchase with us, if you wish, we will carry out another and much more personalized test with which we will be able to evaluate your evolution and your new needs, as well as create a personalized supplementation program that we will follow up on a monthly basis. For us, your wellbeing is the most important aspect.