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That support Kobho’s vision to turn our value proposition into a reality.

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Maximum bioavailability formulations with scientific evidences that proves their effectiveness.

All of our products promote synergistic benefits through the combination of their patented ingredients.

We select the bioactive forms that are best absorbed and the formats that maximize the bioavailability of the compounds used.
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Developing the best products is crucial to achieve the desired results, but it is not enough.

It is essential to offer a tailor-made experience so that each person can have access to a free personalized diagnosis. We achieve this thanks to our:

1. Self-diagnosis test
2. Free live consultations
3. Ongoing support
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We work cross-functionally with the best anti-aging doctors, biochemists and nutritionists.

Our portfolio of 10 products is the result of our team's + 50 years of experience:

1. Dr. Vicente Mera
2. Dr. Álvaro Campillo
3. Elisa Blázquez
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Our subscription model is your best ally for consistency and benefit. How does it work?

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Choose your supplement and how often you want to receive it (20, 30 or 60 days).

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Benefit from a 10% discount on each supplement and
always free delivery.

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A few days before you receive each order,
we will notify you
by email.

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You’ll be able to pause
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you want

Choose your suplement and how often you want to receive it ( 20, 30 or 60 days). Benefit from a 10%discount on eachsupplement and always free delivery. A frew days before you receive each order, we will notify you by email. You will be able to pause your subscription whenever you want without any conditions.
Elige tu suplemento y la frecuencia con la que deseas recibirlo(20, 30 o 60 días).Benefíciate de un 10% de descuentoen cadasuplementoy envíossiempre gratis.Recibirás unanotificaciónpor emailunos días antesde recibir cada pedido.Puedes pausar tu suscripciónsin costecuando quieras.

Science supports us

We count with 3 medical profiles specialized in nutrition and anti-aging

Photo of Doctor Vicente Mera

Dr. Vicente Mera

[30+ years of experience]

Anti-Aging and Internal Medicine Specialist

Best European Anti-Aging Doctor Award 2021. Head of Internal Medicine and
Anti-Aging at SHA Wellness Clinic.
ABAARM Certification by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

Photo of Doctor Álvaro Campillo

Dr. Álvaro Campillo

[20+ years of experience]

Biochemist and Digestive System Specialist

European Doctor of Medicine
Master in Human Microbiota.
Honorary Collaborating Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Murcia
and the ICNS.

Photo of nutritionist Elisa Blázquez

Elisa Blázquez

[10+ years of experience]

Clinical Integrative Nutritionist

Specialized in immunonutrition, coaching and orthomolecular supplementation. She currently leads his own integrative nutrition team at the IQtra Medicina Avanzada clinic in Madrid.

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